How to choose the best web designer

10 tips on how to choose a web design company

It’s important to make sure that your website reflects your brand. Adam Singer gives us 10 tips on how to choose a web design company to design a website.

1) Check out some of the other sites the designer has created

2) Talk with the designer, tell him/her what your needs are

3) Don’t choose a designer that promises to get you to the front of Google

4) Don’t hire a design agency who will charge you even a cent to make minor tweaks to copy on your .com

5) Hire a designer who blogs, designs and uses the web in their free time

6) Don’t separate the design and coding of your .com

7) Do separate the web design and the external marketing

8) Don’t hire a designer who creates sites in all Flash

9) Got a web addict at your organization? Bring them into the process!

10) Hire a designer who is recommended/referred by someone who is web-savvy

If you want to know more, read  Adam Singer

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